Ready to wage war on the cash till?

Remove your cash till and improve your retail ROI

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Engaging staff-customer interaction. Improved ROI and footfalls. Modernization has its perks.

The retail industry is going through dramatic shifts. In its quest to offer the ultimate customer experience, almost all the top retail companies of India are investing in modern formats. Here’s how a small, simple change can not only help retailers amplify the experience but also ramp up the role of their store associates and their ROI. Remove the cash till!

From store associate to trusted experts

Store associates are a retailer’s most important assets. Unfortunately, traditional formats often have them congregating around the cash till, which limits their selling potential. Removing the till will compel them to circulate around the store and engage with customers. The engagement can be made more meaningful by equipping them with a customer associate mobility solution like Tulip. Apart from billing convenience, such solutions also offer a host of service enhancing features that have proven to improve sales significantly.


Some of these are:
  • Assisted selling and endless aisle (average order value increases by 12% and missed sales decreased by 68%)
  • Clienteling (outreach related revenue increased by 27%* and conversion from personalised communication increased by 27%)
  • Store communications
  • Mobile checkout


Developing a robust customer associate mobility solution empowers store associates with accurate, real-time inventory information and shopper insights such as order history and taste preferences. This change of role from basic order fulfilment to personalised style consultants allows them to offer real value and enhance the customer experience.

Increase your ROI

The cash till takes up valuable space – approximately 5% on an average in a 1000 sq. ft. store. Why not leverage this extra space to display additional merchandise or product promotions, which can be a service differentiator? Assuming a cash till takes up a perimeter wall space of 8 feet, just trading that for saleable merchandise can improve store sales by 5 to 10%.

Enhance your store experience

New age tech is defining the future of retail in India. Your customers have already migrated to digital platforms to make purchases and payments. Embracing digital technologies in the store aligns your brand with the digitally native consumers.

  • Amazon Go, the convenience store by Inc., allows shoppers to come in, grab items and walk out without going through a register.
  • Luxury retailer Barneys New York plans to use iPads or iPod Touch devices for credit and debit card purchases in seven of its nearly two dozen regular-price stores.
  • Bonobos manages the entire shopping process, from the onset of an appointment through shopping the catalogue, checkout, and post-appointment through an in-store technology platform. catalog
  • Nordstrom has deployed over 6,000 of mPOS devices throughout their 117 full-line stores as far back as 2012.

Tulip Retail, an iOS mobile platform, is creating memorable store experiences for iconic luxury fashion brands such as Michael Kors, Chanel and Saks Fifth Avenue. They enable Kate Spade associates to offer highly personalised styles and fits through digitally stored client information, brand preferences and lifestyle details. Coach customers can easily test font, colour and placement on bags and wallets before printing.


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