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With the messaging app, designed for today's retail stores

Live Connect

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The Live Connect platform allows online shoppers to connect with the sales advisors in-store over a live chat/video. Armed with the live connect running on a smartphone or tablet, sales advisors can instantly respond to the shopper’s request by recommending, assisting, and building relationships just like they do in-store. Live connect empowers the sales team by giving them the technology to assist the customer across a variety of situations making the shopping experience more personalised.

Mobilize Store Associates When Website Traffic is at its Peak
  • With Live Connect running on a smartphone or tablet, sales associates are transformed from often underused assets to digitally-connected stylists -selling, earning and building relationships just like they do in-store, but on a global scale.


Turn Every Online Visitor Into a Customer
  • When shoppers have questions about products, size or availability, Live connect makes it possible to message available advisors in their nearest store.
Increase Conversion, Reduce Basket Abandonment
  • Use photos, videos and appointment scheduling, to increase online conversion and reduce basket abandonment.
Provide Human Connection in an Offline Environment
  • Shoppers will be hesitant to visit the stores but will crave greater human connection and the video calling feature will allow sales associates and customers to do just that.


Maximize The Value of Every Visit & Never Miss an Opportunity to Convert and Upsell
  • When an item is out-of-stock or a customer is not yet ready to buy, Live Connect empowers stores with endless aisle capabilities to guide them through the entire range and share recommendations to buy later online.


Give Customers a Reason to Keep Coming Back
  • With digital clienteling, advisors can build their contact list and stay in touch with personalized product recommendations and intelligent reminders- driving customer loyalty, long after the first visit.
Live Connect

Digital shoppers can now connect live with Store associates instantly via text, chat & video and send photos. One can make video calls directly from the shop floor and extend the experience of the store online.

Relevant Recommendations

See what shoppers are browsing in real time as they move around the website and send recommendations for other items to buy straight into the chat.

Motivate Stores

All sales credit is given to the store teams when a customer buys, keeping them highly motivated.

Quick & Easy Integration

Our Plug & Play system has zero complications and doesn’t require time consuming integration requirements.

Introducing Three Store Now; A partnership between HERO and Three

In 75 Three stores across the UK, advisors are using the HERO® app to connect live with nearby customers on Through chat, video and live streaming, online customers can get the experience of the store — and all the advice they need — without leaving their sofa.

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Hero Announces Partnership with Credo beauty

CredoLive is a whole new personal shopping experience, instantly connecting digital shoppers with an in-store clean beauty expert for product advice on anything from skincare to makeup. The founding team behind Credo Beauty previously took Sephora in 1997 from an unknown concept to the global success story it is; going from zero in revenue to $600 million in just six years.

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How John Hardy is stepping up its omnichannel ambitions

The new “John Hardy” is in the middle of a digital revolution. Drawing on its Balinese origins to create ‘ultimate beauty’ through its hand-crafted jewelry, John Hardy serves customers at more than 600 retail locations across 27 countries and is a hallmark for sustainable luxury around the world. Their team helps customers navigate intricate and personal purchase decisions, but with shoppers spending more time browsing online than ever, John Hardy wanted to extend the expertise of its associates to digital channels.

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Rag & Bone and HERO are Engineering the New Omni Experience.

When one of the fastest-growing apparel brands, found in 700 stores across the world, shifts towards being D2C — enhanced service and customer experience becomes the priority. From its origins in New York in 2002, rag & bone instantaneously distinguished itself by combining British heritage with directional, modern design.

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Launched in 2015, Hero works with global retailers to transform billions of sq. ft. of analog retail space into smart stores of the future. Now every day across the world, stores and associates are no longer standing idle, but are proactively assisting millions of online shoppers – transforming the role of the store for 21st century retail and creating a formidable advantage against pure-play online retailers.

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