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Attract digital consumers to your physical store

Hyperlocal Digital Experiences

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Radius8 allows businesses to harness the power of “where” and “when” by creating a brand-new hyperlocal shopping experience to drive online engagement and foot traffic. The Radius8 Welcomer is a geo-fenced, mobile-first experience that surfaces local stores, directions, events, offers, and more, across the website whenever a consumer is within proximity to a defined physical location.

Locally Relevant Experience

Give the customer the most locally relevant shopping experience. For example, when the customer is on the brand website, the welcomer will share details of the store closest to the customer and send them a geo-targeted promotion notification saying “Come in today by 5 pm for a 10% off Store only promotion.” They can present a code at the time of purchase to avail of this promotion only at that store.

Drive In-store Traffic

The Welcomer and the use of geofencing to drive impactful in-store visits, especially broadcasting offers in key markets that need foot traffic. In addition, highlighting unique store services, events and more will create a strong interest in visiting your store.

Quick & Easy Notifications

Easily feature announcements of store opening post lockdown, safety guidelines, location, phone, events programmatically with little to no maintenance.

Support for Online Purchases

Welcomer can also support online purchases by geofencing specific Points of Interest (POI’s) to create new digital opportunities, almost creating a digital pop-up experience.

Leverage Analytics

Analytics which can help influence the in-store experience based on the consumer’s digital radius. Some analytics can include:
a. Top Trending Digital product views and purchases around a specified radius of any store.
b. Radius8 backend has the ability to customize and collect all types of local analytics that you would like to see.

Engage Mobile Users With A Local Experience

R8 Content is geofenced into configurable content tiles powered by proximity to stores or relevant points of interest (i.e. arenas, venues, beaches, resorts, etc.) or self-defined geo-fenced areas.

Target Specific Experiences to Hyper-local Markets

Create gravity between digital consumers and your locations by presenting relevant experiences at the right place and right time. Introduce local promotions, events, and more to drive new local calls-to-action and visibility, where it is easily discovered and actioned.

Real-Time, Geo-Aware Measurement of Every Interaction

Leverage real-time insights and advanced intelligence on engagement and success metrics. Test, measure, and improve your local experience to suit local market dynamics.

Fully Customisable

Welcomer design is 100% customizable to support brand standards.

Customise Messages

Content tiles surface different messages based on location, time of day, current or forecasted weather and much more.

LUCKY BRAND – Lucky is seeing a 16x increase in Local Engagement

Localization is key to driving success and growth in today’s retail environment. We especially like that from start to initial go-live was four weeks and deployment didn’t require significant effort on our side.

SNIPES – Snipes is leveraging Welcomer to drive targeted promotions to customers nearby the store

The entire go-live, from planning to launch took no more than two weeks with minimal resources required. Delivering an experience to our customers that is time and location-relevant is an essential part of the strategy at Snipes. Explore Now

Radius8 is a localization platform that creates brand new hyperlocal shopping experiences that leverage the context of “When and Where” which drive online engagement and in-store traffic. Every enterprise with physical locations needs Radius8.

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