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Contactless Retail for Consumer Electronics

Contactless Retail for Consumer Electronics

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Give your customers the confidence to purchase large white goods and appliances from home by making them come alive at home. Using AR for consumer electronics, customers can thoroughly evaluate the product, interact with it, see if it will fit into their home and buy it.

Product Exploration
  • A Customer just needs to scan a QR code using his mobile phone to have the product appear in 3D in a live environment, allowing the customer to place it where they want to in their home.
Immersive experience
  • Customer can interact with the product and view videos and information about the product which allows for a better experience than the regular monotonous grid experience on an e-commerce site. Provides an experience similar to the one with the physical product in a store
Seamless Integration
  • Experience remains on-brand website and links to your existing checkout.
Contactless Experience
  • Customer does not need to enter a physical store to experience the product and is, therefore, a safe experience.
Accessible 24/7
  • The e-comm website is accessible to customers 24/7 so they aren’t restricted by store closures.
No App Download

The web AR experience does not require the customers to download an app to view the experience.

Feature Explanation

See the features being explained using animations or videos in an interactive way, for better understanding rather than reading a lot of written content on the website.

Analytics Dashboard

This can be built to specifications depending on the data the brand wants to capture, giving them tailored statistics that can be used to report on the exact things they are required to report on. Track usage of the app and which product gets the most interest and subsequent conversion data.

Setup in 2012, ADS Reality is in the business to mesmerise, captivate and connect with customers through augmented reality. Through their deep market knowledge and proven data intelligence, they can also reveal new and greater commercial opportunities. They deliver a complete end-to-end service that delivers everything you need, to create the most personally rewarding customer experiences.

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