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Contactless Makeup

Contactless Makeup

In-Store Omnichannel Solution
  • UPT
  • ATV

Contactless Makeup is our AR-driven Cosmetics Solution that enables customers to Try-on Make-up virtually right on their phone. This offers the ability to try-on makeup on live video while tracking the face with accurate detail. Our technology uses distinctive image-processing and machine-learning algorithms to enable ultra-fast and accurate real-time face tracking and makeup visualizations.

It’s scalable and can be configured across a variety of SKU’s. Contactless Makeup is the ideal solution that promotes safety, health and beauty in the post-lockdown era.

Safe and Hygienic Makeup Try-on
  • The Virtual Make-up Tryon solution assures customers safety and hygiene at all times.
Rapid Try-on of Products
  • Customers can quickly try-on a variety of products on their own phones without any physical assistance by a make-up artist.
No In-Store Hardware Required
  • Requires no in-store Hardware (Ipad, Screen or tablet).
  • No time consuming and complicated integrations with existing systems required.
Increase Conversion & Basket Size
  • Trying on a product convinces the customer to buy it thereby increasing sales and conversion.
  • Customers can Tryon all the various products the brand has to offer leading to increase in the basket size.
  • Coming Soon: Pre-defined Looks for the customer to quickly Tryon.
Rapid Deployment Web Application

Web based nature means customers can access it from their own phones on scanning the QR Code and accessing the page on the web browser.

Product Versatility

Experience makeup visualisations across more than 10 types of makeup products, including Lipstick, Lip-liner, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Blush, Concealer, Bronzer, Foundation, Eyebrow, Colouring, Contouring Palettes.

Powerful Tracking
  • The technology makes sure the make-up looks hyper realistic with accurate colours/textures that match the products.
  • Over 82 points are tracked on a face, including the edges, shapes and colours.
  • Process of building the virtual product visualisation is based on several data inputs (not simply colour or hex codes) and parameters, all accessible through our CMS.
Charlotte Tilbury: Charlotte’s Magic Mirror

Holition was invited to look into the in-store consumer experience for inspiration about how to create a retail installation that would help with three key pain points, surfaced when purchasing beauty products in-store:

  • Choice paralysis
  • Lack of try-before-you-buy incentives
  • Hygiene concerns

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Bourjois Paris- World’s First Blended Reality Magic Mirror

Coty cosmetics brand, Bourjois, enlisted Holition to build a bespoke magic mirror for the launch of their newly refurbished store in Paris. Discover how Holition combined Perch Interactive’s technology with FACE by Holition™ facial recognition technology to produce a never before seen experience that connects AR makeup try-on to a physical product.

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Rimmel- Steal The Look Diagnostic Tool & Image Analysis

In 2015, Rimmel approached Holition to see if it was possible to build an app that could ‘steal’ looks in real time. We said yes and we built it: the world’s first app where you can snap a photo of any face – live, from a screen, or anywhere – and steal that look to virtually try on and purchase.

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Holition Beauty is an Augmented Reality Cosmetics Solution that grants our Customers the ability to create unique and highly scalable Virtual Try-on experiences across a wide range of Platforms.

Our self-originated and patented technology uses distinctive image-processing and machine-learning algorithms to enable ultra-fast and accurate real-time face tracking and makeup visualisations.

Designed to adapt to any face, across any skin-tone, our Solution applies over 10 different types of Beauty Products, which can be carefully calibrated and modified by colour, opacity, coverage, shine, undertone, overtone, and more.

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