Brands are no more static merchandise people buy to fulfil needs and desires. They are like human beings. They have features, colour, shape, size, personality, feelings, even the ability to interact with other people. Hell, to grab your attention, they’re even getting creative!


Yes, retail design firms like The Science Project are now breaking the norm of store design by using creative disruption. They’re creating magical, mind-boggling, and mostly award-winning environments to revolutionise brand experience and change customer behaviour and expectation. The ideas smack of boldness and originality and are devised by a highly inventive team of artists, scientists, and innovators, who are also skilful storytellers. Of course, not everything has to be extreme or eccentric; the idea is to spark interaction and the creativity is always rooted in strategy.


Creative disruption amalgamates digital, mobile and physical spaces to impact the consumer journey at every step.
Imagine walking past a storefront and being beckoned by its window to come play! To attract holiday shoppers, Bloomingdale’s “All Wrapped Up” conceptualised a seasonal window experience with three interactive mobile games. Using their mobiles, customers could pick their players and play with the window and other shoppers. To sweeten the deal, they were encouraged to enter their data into a sweepstake and shop in the store to stand a chance of winning.
Another major retailer used creative disruption that aimed for the stars, two stars to be precise. Barney’s Interactive Constellation in their Flagship store on Madison Avenue allowed the fans of singer/actor Lady Gaga to tweet their holiday wishes from their smartphone and these were displayed live on screen.
By activating a neighbourhood, Uniqlo managed to capture an entire city and engage an entire region. An OOH and social marketing campaign activated local celebrities, museums, and cultural institutions to drive traffic to their store with a range of mobile and in-store experiences. This enabled the brand to capture valuable customer data and help to scale the store’s footprint to capture valuable square footage outside the store, the city and the region.
Uniqlo’s Engagement Reach
Kate Spade New York’s ‘’Barricades’’ generated excitement and shopping frenzy even before the store completed construction. Together with The Science Project, they reimagined construction barriers with an interactive and dynamic mix of imagery, touch screens and items from the collection in display cases.
Kate Spade New York’s “Barricades”
Clinique’s The Wink, a successful editorial platform, created engaging content that added new energy to the brand and cast exciting stories across all customer touchpoints. It combined brand, product, and influencers in an exciting platform that saw shoppers engage with the brand online and at retail.


New customer/data acquisition, store traffic, return visits, commercial sales and PR coverage are just some of the benefits of creative disruption in retail store design. This powerful tool can help retailers in India easily achieve what they struggle for – grow brand value and sales together with providing engaging, memorable experiences.
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