24/7 has etched itself into the culture of Delhi over the last decade of operations as the place to go after all the other stores shut down. Whether it is for a quick dessert, authentic “shadi waali chai” or their famous hot dogs.
However, the Modi group saw an opportunity to revitalise the brand and achieve the following objectives: Increase consumption occasions by developing a strong day time offering. Focus on freshly prepared, authentic food offerings. Align with the millennial customer.
Networkbay leveraged it’s curated community enlisting Republic Design for the brand identity, Whitespace based out Thailand for the interior development and Valley In Store to bring the concepts to life.

Here are the top 5 strategies we used to bring the store to life.

1. Re-Imagine the personality : In this wired day and age, there’s one, singular thing people do when they’re looking for something, they google it. Keeping this insight in mind, we developed an identity which consisted of a strong icon, a color palette which cued food and a vocabulary which was crisp, uncluttered but a lot of fun.
2. Focus on Food  : The food area develop a fresh, busy feel. More spanish bodega than convenience store. Visually we developed a strong focal point using mixed materials, strong signage and innovations like the DIY section for beverages.
3. Create Moments of Impulse  : The store has to pleasantly surprise the shopper overtime he visited the store. It had to have the flexibility to change merchandise, promotions without losing the neatness. Seaming technology into the store, via digital endcaps, creating island displays with fast moving products and increasing the size of the food area all contributed towards creating engaging product stories.
4. Move away from standard gondola systems  : A key direction was to develop a fixture system which was as flexible but visually so different from the standard gondola that the overall design cued a cafe instead of a store. The result was an asymmetrical picture set and wall system which was premium and one of the most distinctive part of the identity.
5. Amplify the brand socially  : This part of the program was led by the marketing team of 24/7, which created a fun, engaging and irreverent vibe on social media by smart product and occasion based content.
The result, a huge jump in same store sales, increased day time sales and higher profitability. This identity is now being rolled out the entire network.
1st Floor, Anand House, 13th Road, Off Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052

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